A solar shingle designed for steep sloped roofing applications. The polycrystalline photovoltaic tempered glass module is adhered to a custom formed metal shingle. A premium plastic edge protector surrounds the glass to provide added durability. The junction box located on the back is positioned in the center of the shingle, allowing equal length wires to run in either direction.

Composing as the roof, the solar shingles come with their own custom flashing that surrounds the system. The flashing transitions the solar shingles into, virtually, all other roofing products. Underneath the solar shingle there is space for air flow and wire harnessing.

Luma Resources Solar Shingle

2400 Watt System

3600 Watt System

4200 Watt System

5040 Watt System

5760 Watt System

7200 Watt System

8640 Watt System

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